The all in one platform for augmented reality

Virtar Inc has built a suite of tools that will empower the next generation of AR applications to bring fully immersive solutions to every business and consumer on a global scale.

Virtar's development suite of SDK's
built to enhance all augmented reality capabilities
in one easy to use environment

Auto Scaling

You grow and we listen. Built with state of the art optimization and scaling techniques.

Multi-User Experience

We make it easy for people in the same place to participate in multi-user multiple reality applications.

Pixel Precision

Build and run any application at 60FPS with zero lag and extremely high accuracy.

Full Persistance

Fully persistent point system so that you have full control over how and when you want to share.

Platform Agnostic

Built for the future. We make sure you can take our service to any platform that best fits your needs.

Increase Productivity

Use AR to share the wisdom of the crowds all in one easy to use immersive end product.

Create Once, Deploy Anywhere

Virtar Development Suite integrates with any platform and back-end solution

so that you can focus on building industry changing solutions

Your design process, in one place

See how others are changing the world with shared reality points

Power Up Your Capabilities With Leading Augmented Reality Technology Solutions

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Power Up Your  Capabilities With Leading Augmented Reality Technology Solutions

A Platform Agnostic company building the foundation of persistent Shared Reality Points in the Augmented and Virtual Reality Realms.

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